Technology is constantly evolving to further optimize work flow.
Technology is constantly evolving to further optimize work flow.

Products and services are a mixed blessing.  No man, or company is an island so we have to rely on others for provision of products that fit our core business.  This applies whether you’re a service company or a manufacturer or anywhere in between.  As I said last week, we are really not in the business of product sales but actually in the business of “communication enhancement”.

Just a short 20 years ago that meant we carried a totally different lineup of products than we do today. Continue reading


Francis AV invites you to meet us on Tuesday, May 17th from 9am to 5pm at the Oncenter Convention Center. The SOHO show is the perfect place for small business owners, CEOs, presidents, managers, or entrepreneurs from a business with 100 or fewer employees to meet and mingle with local businesses (like us) who are here to serve you.

We’ve participated in the SOHO show for several years now and value all the connections we’ve made in the community through this great opportunity to introduce ourselves to new contacts. You can find us at booth #318 where we’ll be answering your questions about commercial and residential Audio Visual trends and the awesome products we offer. Whether you’re presenting to a classroom or a court room, whether you need the equipment for a weekend or a life time, we’re here to help you find the best answers for your AV questions.

We’ll be showing off one of our favorite products for big events: The Matrox Graphics Screen Span. If you haven’t seen this product in action you’ll love seeing it used across two of our 55″ NEC Professional Monitors. This is popular for a variety of uses including holiday parties, trade shows, and more.

We won’t be the only business at the show of course, there will be 130 displays of products, services, and resources for Small Businesses. If you attend the show, you’ll be able to check out different ways to enhance your company, such as the latest technology from computers to cell phones; financial funding with banking solutions, government support, and plenty of tools that all small businesses need. There will also be free presentations throughout the day offering tips and tricks for small businesses. You can pre-register for any of the presentations offered online at All presentation attendees will be entered for a chance to win a free booth at next year’s event as well as an assortment of other prizes.


2016 SOHO Syracuse Show Map

Audio-visual installation at the Thompkins County Public LibraryRecently we were brought in to do an AV installation for the Tompkins County Library.  One of the great assets they offer the community is conference rooms which are available for profit and not-for-profit organizations to use as meeting space and for giving audio-visual presentations. Public meeting space is pretty common in libraries but not only is this space massive, it is now outfitted with a great AV system (or at least it is now)! Continue reading


Are you looking for a way to jazz up your next show, conference or event? Francis AV has the screen span technology to give you the space you need to make the impression you want.

We offer AV equipment to help you create the right display for your unique event. One of our most versatile video equipment rental options, especially great for corporate events and weddings, is screen span. You can incorporate screen spanning into your event by renting the individual components necessary or we can help you plan and set up your display as part of our event staging services.

Screen span allows you to span a single image, video, or presentation across two, three, four or more screens without stretching or distorting the content. Use this multi-display option to set your PowerPoint presentation apart or create a more dynamic photo montage. Give your message room to move by expanding your video/MP4 files across multiple displays.

IMG_3425     IMG_3414







Even popular cell phones have Ultra HD capabilities now. This means most content – even home movies – can be shown on increasingly impressive displays without diminishing the quality. What a great way to showcase home movies of the guest of honor at Nana’s 100th birthday or the happy couple at the rehearsal dinner.

This dynamic technology works with any size TV monitor, projector, or free-standing screens for larger groups.

Stunning multi-display presentations are possible through the use of equipment like the TripleHead2Go external multi-display adapter designed by industry leader Matrox. Matrox is one of the leading manufacturers of specialized graphics solutions for professional markets. We typically use high definition NEC or Sharp TV Monitors to ensure the best display of your materials. NEC Display Solutions designs and produces leading-edge visual display solutions for a wide range of markets and when you see your content on their screen you’ll understand why they’re an industry leader!

Matrox’s Triplehead2Go Multi-Display Adapter

If you want to create your own content for a screen spanning display you can use Microsoft Office extensions like OfficeOne’s PowerShow to add functionality to the base PowerPoint software. This software allows you to create presentations specifically structured for use across multiple displays. If you have existing content you would like to have optimized for multi-display viewing we are happy to do it for you.

Contact one of our content specialists today to see how this product can enhance your next event!