The audio-visual presentation segment of an event is produced by the AV production or “Staging” company.
Typically when the “presentation” phase gets too large or too technical for the client to handle in-house, they call on a company such as ours to “produce” or “stage” that portion.

It may just be a PA system and / or microphones appropriate size for the venue.

It may be large screen video playback, PowerPoint slides, “IMAG” aka Image Magnification of the person speaking on stage or at the podium.

However the most important ingredient in staging a successful event through the use of AV is the SHOW TECHNICIAN.

Show technicians are not only proficient technically, they need to handle people well and put them at ease in a high energy environment.

Probably the most important attribute of a seasoned AV production company is taking the stress away and making it look easy.  We do this by doing our homework.  We go to the venue, ask the right questions and take the right measurements, talk to the right people and take the right pictures.  Questions for example like

  • Where and when do we load-in?
  • When must we strike and load out for any sets following our set?
  • Are people going to be in the light path of the projector if they are standing on stage?
  • Is there room for rear projection?
  • What size screen(s) are required?

All seemingly obvious questions but all are actually ones that come with years of experience.

Mainstays these days…Wireless lapel handheld and head-worn or headset microphones, rear projection screens with dress kit, large venue projectors with rear projection lenses, long throw lenses for front projection, PA systems with powered speakers, mixing boards, switchers, scalers, distribution amplifiers, large screen TV monitors 50 inch, 60 inch, 70 inch on Chief pedestal stands, HDMI cables and Cat6 extenders for long cable runs.  All are tools that work in synergy to get your message out to your audience effectively, efficiently and economically.

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We've been a syracuse av company for a long time now. We've learned that our success is more than providing the correct equipment. It's about being there for our customers. We're there with you to help you understand what we're doing and why we're doing it. That's what makes us different. We are the experts so you don't have to worry about the details. We understand that the explanation is just as important as the installation. We're here for you whatever your needs. Start your next project with us and let us prove we're the right company to be working with.