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House of Worship Audio and Video Services

Make sure they get the message.

Audio and Visual Services For Houses of Worship

Your House of Worship provides a place for your congregation to come together and reflect. A poorly performing sound and / or video system can severely affect your service and take the focus away from your message. Francis Audio-Visual can fix these technical difficulties and assure your sermon is seen and heard.

Whether your sermon calls for still images or video playback, our goal is outstanding quality and ease-of-use.  Francis Audio-Visual only offers professional AV tried and true product lines that have a high level reputation.  No consumer or marginal DJ product lines that compromise quality to save a few dollars.

Make Sure your Message is Heard!


Don’t let outdated PA systems ruin your message! Let us help you determine what equipment best suits your needs. High ceilings, hard surfaces and large windows all adversely affect acoustics.  We have solutions to ensure your message is not only delivered at the proper sound level but that it’s also intelligible.  Intelligibility is critical!  This separates the amateurs from the professionals.  More speakers or bigger speakers does not necessarily equate to better quality sound.  With our experience and the awesome technologies now available, we can bring clear, intelligible sound to the most challenging sanctuaries. We handle Community Speakers, Crown and TOA amplifiers and Shure Microphones to name a few.


Video Done Right is Key

If part of your message often includes photos, PowerPoint slides or full-motion video, the proper Video Projection System will ensure every person in your congregation can view your content comfortably.  Just because you have a large sanctuary doesn’t mean you need a huge screen.  Maybe right now your sanctuary is not filled to capacity each week.  We come up with realistic, reasonably priced solutions to meet your budget for today and into the near future.  And, we’ll help determine the best screen location(s) and mount it discreetly so it doesn’t detract from the visual ambience of your sanctuary. Our primary projector lines are Epson, Optoma and NEC.  We also handle Sharp Professional TV Monitors.



Wireless Audio and Video technologies have really come into their own in the last 5-10 years.  Whereas before, it was impractical or cost prohibitive to pay for running wire to your ceiling or from the front of the church to the rear, we now have wireless transmitters and receivers that we can demonstrate to prove their effectiveness.  Products such as Barco Clickshare and Peerless PeerAir™ Wireless HD Multimedia System help make what seemed impossible, now possible.


Digital Signage

Need to get your weekly messages out to your congregation?  The popular way is by using video TV monitors with eye-catching messages about community events and anything else of interest.  Catch the eye of members coming in and out with a Custom Digital Video Display aka Digital Signage. Our bright and animated displays are perfect for lobbies and hallways.  A professional installation with well-made content is a very effective way to communicate with your congregation.  

Lastly, if you need extra equipment for special occasions, conferences, festivals and holidays, we have a full inventory of rental equipment for just that.  Here’s just a glimpse of the supplies we have to offer:

  • PA systems
  • Wireless microphones
  • Choir microphones
  • Mixers
  • Projectors
  • Portable screens of all sizes for indoors and outdoors
  • TV monitors
  • Lighting
  • Drapery
  • Staging

If you are ready to move on your next project, call us and we can discuss the possibilities.  The old adage, any project is 80% planning and 20% actual installation has a lot of truth to it.  We look forward to working with you!

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