Portable screens for syracuse presentation

Tripod Screens

Truly portable screens that you can carry out the door in one hand are the Tripod Screen and the Deluxe Insta-Theater Screen. Tripod screens are rugged and extend higher up than the Insta-Theater screens for better visibility. They range from about 5’ wide to 8’ wide.

Spandex and DJ Screens in Syracuse

Da-Lite Deluxe Insta-Theater Screen

This screen as the name implies would be great for a home movie in your living room. But because they are lighter weight and come in a canvas carry bag, they are popular for special occasions (parties, etc.) in banquet rooms and private dining rooms. They set up close to the wall and take very little floor space. The viewing area however, does not extend as high as with tripod screens. This makes it less visible for the folks way in the back.

Fixed frame screens syracuse presentations

Fastfold (Fixed Frame) Screens

Where tripod screens leave off in size, fastfolds pick up. Starting at 8 feet wide and going to 14’ wide, these are ideal for special events, conferences, seminars, etc. They are typically found in larger banquet rooms, ballrooms and other large venues. They come with either the white front surface or the rear surface for rear projection. For formal events and professional gatherings, blue or black velour snap on drapery is added for a more pleasing look.

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