What’s the first impression your company is making?

Whether you need rental or installation of a simple LCD projector, wireless microphone, conference phone, flat panel TV, or an entire PA sound system, or projection system, we will meet and exceed your expectations. We strive to make your presentations effortless. And that makes you look good in front of your audience.

What makes us better than the other guy?

Our experience, our training and our stubbornness to follow through until we have exceeded your expectations! We realize our reputation is only as good as our last job. So the goal really is not to make our sales numbers but to maintain our good name.

We provide the professional guidance that you require to put on a near perfect presentation, every time. The key to a successful meeting is having nobody notice the sound system at all! The only reason the A-V gets noticed is when the audio or video quality is poor. That’s a quick way to detract from an otherwise perfectly good meeting or event. We understand that and know how to keep YOU and your message the center of attention. NOT the technology.

We’re where you need us to be!

Francis Audio-Visual serves the entire Syracuse and Central NY area, including Utica, Rochester, Binghamton, Watertown, etc. We have been serving the Syracuse and surrounding Central New York area for well over 30 years. We know it like the back of our hand! We meet a wide variety of A-V rental and installation needs of professionals, businesses and educators as well as serving the needs of those hosting private events. By paying close attention to every detail of your A-V needs, we are able to help you put on the most professional presentation possible.


Bill Francis – Owner Francis Audio Visual

My name is Bill Francis and my company has been in business for… a really long time! (Since1957). We have seen technology change from very primitive to very powerful in less than a generation.

Owning a company that makes its living providing technology to others has not always been easy. To illustrate my point, as soon as you take on a new platform of projector, or microphone (you buy several, become experts on their performance, etc.) something new hits the market to make your investment obsolete!

On the audio side, we have seen the primary audio recording and playback method go from a reel of tape that sat on a 15 pound hunk of metal called a tape recorder evolve into a digital file that sits on a device you carry in your pocket and weighs nothing.

On the video side, we have gone from essentially four primary devices back in the 70’s (VCR, overhead projector, slide projector and 16mm film projector) condensed down to a single tabletop projection device that connects wirelessly to a tablet or even a phone to project full motion HD video and still images in PowerPoint for your every need.

So as we go carefully forward, I have learned to be cautiously optimistic when I see something new. New things used to come in waves that took years, now they come in days. If you think you see something innovative, you just need to go as far as Google to find something still more innovative.

So in closing, don’t look so much at the wow factor of the new technology as much as what benefit it provides. Words of wisdom for whoever is listening…

Some of the history. What we’ve learned about our business.

Just so you know who you’re dealing with – I am Bill Francis. My sister and I bought this company from my parents in 1992. We expanded and grew too rapidly for about 10 years (ignorance is bliss!) and when 9/11/01 happened, people stopped traveling and having meetings and everything virtually came to a screeching halt! Not a good place to be when you have a fat payroll, big rent and lots of overhead and lots of people depending on you!

Being in uncharted territory, for the next five years or so we continued to scale back and tighten our belts. Looking back probably not the best decision of my life but everyone makes mistakes, right?

If I could do it all over, I would have done something more immediate and positive to make a big change all at once. But hindsight is 20/20 as they say…

Long story short, in 2005 my sister finally had had enough and left the company to wither and die. I at around age 45, took what was left and re-built it the best I could. We had a small but good database of customers, a good reputation and besides what the hell else was I going to do!

Since then we have moved into bigger, better digs twice and we operate as a lean, small company that is laser focused on customer service and can I feel, turn on a dime. We are virtually debt free, like what we’re doing and I thank god every day I am not one of those big companies that is dying a slow death with an old antiquated business model. Been there, done that.

We do a nice rental and staging business and we do installations that interested us and let the rest go. Moral of the story? Stick to what you’re good at, focus, always keep learning, out-work the other guy and never give up!

Start Your Next Project

We've been a syracuse av company for a long time now. We've learned that our success is more than providing the correct equipment. It's about being there for our customers. We're there with you to help you understand what we're doing and why we're doing it. That's what makes us different. We are the experts so you don't have to worry about the details. We understand that the explanation is just as important as the installation. We're here for you whatever your needs. Start your next project with us and let us prove we're the right company to be working with.