Technology is constantly evolving to further optimize work flow.
Technology is constantly evolving to further optimize work flow.

Products and services are a mixed blessing.  No man, or company is an island so we have to rely on others for provision of products that fit our core business.  This applies whether you’re a service company or a manufacturer or anywhere in between.  As I said last week, we are really not in the business of product sales but actually in the business of “communication enhancement”.

Just a short 20 years ago that meant we carried a totally different lineup of products than we do today.

We are fortunate to live when the technology of our time has really matured and blossomed!  That’s in all areas/industries.   In the AV industry, we have really cool, high performance products that make communication a breeze!   Although it is thought of generally as a good thing, innovation is a double-edged sword.  Innovation is rampant and a challenge to keep up with in the world of tech.

Want to audio conference with a group for a dinner meeting?  You don’t even need a land phone line anymore.  We now have conference phone systems that allow you to make the call using your cell phone.  They also have Bluetooth wireless connectivity to your phone and they run off rechargeable batteries if necessary  so you don’t have to rely on anyone other than your cellular network to hold a meeting between your group and another anywhere in the world!  No wires allowed!  No cell phone to make the call?  Jump on the internet using a VOIP (voice over internet protocol) line.

Projectors?   Although I still think the day will come when you simply set up your projection screen and connect to it with your device and not even need a projector, today’s projectors are phenomenal.  They are ALL good.

Probably 10 years ago at the Infocomm annual convention (for the AV world) they used to have an event called the projection shoot out.  All the manufacturers entered their projectors and they were all set up side by side for the A-V world to judge.

It was very impressive and everyone in the industry took it very seriously.  It was kind of like the Westminster Dog Show, everyone walked quietly about and took notes for each category (large venue, small venue, etc.)  Whomever had the best showing, could expect positive buzz throughout the industry for the next 12 months and was considered an industry rock star!  Finally, they cancelled the event because all of the projectors were all virtually the same image quality.  And that was 10 years ago!

Today projectors are exponentially brighter, better contrast and higher resolution to boot.  They are phenomenal.  And inexpensive.  You really do get a lot for your money.

As an owner, I prefer not to be brand loyal.  I rather sell the product that best fits the customer’s needs.  I am not in business to move X number of boxes for a manufacturer.  I leave that to the distributors of the world.

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