In recent years, a new flavor of LCD projector has evolved. The short-throw projector. That is, one that fills a screen from a close distance. There are really two types – the short throw (about .47 X’s your image width) and your ultra-short throw (about .18 X’s your image width). Without belaboring the technical details, let’s get on to the advantages!


The NEC NP-M300WS is the Spotlight equipment this month. Below are our pros and cons list, but generally this is a great solution for your next presentation. You get a big 10 foot wide picture with your projector installed approximately 5 feet from the screen. Can you think of a situation where you could benefit from this space saving solution?

The advantages are simple.

  1. they allow you to not have to buy an expensive traditional projector with a long throw lens that can run into some major dollars.
  2. They allow you to project onto a screen that even the long throw projectors cannot (see photos)


Right now, these projectors only have light output aka lamp brightness up to about 3300 lumens. That pretty much rules out images beyond about 10’ in width (depending on your ambient light).

These projectors also require a unique light path, that is, they shoot up slightly (from an AV cart) or down slightly from a ceiling mount. This is not a deal breaker but it they do not always work well in rooms with low ceilings. Nor do they work well from a traditional height AV cart (you simply need a shorter cart).

We are gradually seeing more acceptance of these projectors. Panasonic even has a lens that can be fitted into its large venue projectors.

So if you’re trying to project in rooms with ceiling pendant lights or paddle fans such as a church sanctuaries, or conference rooms these types of projectors are real problem solvers!

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