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Case Study - Inficon Digital Media Studio

Posted by Bill Francis | January 29, 2022

In the professional AV industry as in many, the larger the job, the longer they take to come to fruition. We recently finally completed a job that was over 12 months in the making. Our client, Inficon, one of the largest manufacturers still in the area, is going full steam ahead with social media.

For that reason, they called on Francis AV to design and build them a Digital Media Studio. Kind of across between a television studio and photography studio. And to make it more of a challenge, it was also required to be a meeting room/training room set where they could live stream events, town halls, company wide addresses, etc. Pretty awesome.

As a “TV studio” it has three remotely controlled Sony PTZ cameras. Two are aimed at from of house and a third mounted is on the ceiling. The ceiling mounted camera is for looking down at tabletop objects for product training video footage.

A Roland video switcher-mixer was a key device in controlling the content flow for audio and video.

No matter how good or bad the camera is, video always improves with great lighting. Francis AV installed a lighting grid that hangs just beneath the ceiling tiles. These LED remotely controlled lights combined with the great cameras that only Sony can make, make for stunning video to say the least.

The beauty is in the details. Whereas many large companies are still using smart phones to create content, Inficon, is doing it as it should be done. Good lighting and good audio make this content second to none. And after all,isn’t that where you want your company to be?

Good audio comes not only by using professional microphones but by having studio-grade kali studio monitors. These monitors have some of the cleanest sound you will ever experience. Those,coupled with color-coordinated acoustic panels on the walls make for an extremely quiet room. A true, TV studio-like environment.

To top it all off and flip it into a “presentation-like set,we installed an NEC 75 inch touchscreen flat panel video display on the front wall. This allows trainers to display anything from schematics to workflows to the company logo for branding. This project wins our “awesome-est” project of the year award. Kudos to the whole Francis AV team, especially Brian and Joe for making it happen!

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