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In the age of COVID, communication habits have changed drastically. Digital signage is the perfect way to communicate up to the minute information to your staff throughout a building or campus without being physically present. Call for a free consultation!

Digital Signage Case Study

Special Events are big in Central New York and a local hotel needed a way to promote these to its guest upon their arrival.

They didn’t want “just another TV on the wall”.

And, content needed to be easy to update by a 3rd party service. The hotel didn’t have time or skilled personnel to do it on their own.

What FAV provided…

  • A TV in portrait orientation so it had a unique, vertical look and didn’t look like “just another TV”
  • From its office miles away Francis AV provided creative content and content management for easy updates of content
  • Updates could be immediate and affordably and professionally done
Digital Signage Example 1
Digital Signage Example 2
Digital Signage Example 3

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