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Case Study: Cayuga Medical Center Gala Event Production

Posted by Bill Francis | Aug 20, 2020

This event is a big annual fund raiser for this medical company. It’s very important everyone have effectively a front row seat to hear the person speaking at the podium and view the video and PowerPoint content. All three are integral in raising the much-needed funds.

400 people in a ballroom is not a lot but 400 people in a tent calls for a really large tent. Unlike a ballroom, you cannot have one be screen for all to see because of the shape of the tent roof and it’s low height. Nor can you setup line array speakers to reach everyone for the same reasons.

So, distributed audio and video came to be the only viable solution. The tent for this event is setup on a golf course so the uneven grassy ground made it even more of a challenge.

Three 10 foot wide rear projection video screens were used with short throw video projectors. These allow you to project a 10 foot wide image from only 5 feet from the screen.

For the folks in the back, some could see these screens but others were seated with their backs to these screens. For these folks, we provided three 70 inch TVs on floor stands.

Everyone had a great seat and it came off flawlessly. Although this year the event was cancelled, we fully expect next year to be a “hybrid” version of past years. Many will likely attend in-person and others may be attending “virtually” from home.







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