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Case Study: Faith Heritage School – Livestream Graduation to Facebook

Posted by Bill Francis | Aug 20, 2020

Faith Heritage School is fortunate to have their athletic field right next to it’s building. Connection to their school network was easily made and graduation ceremony was easily livestreamed to Facebook. Using two cameras and a professional video switcher makes a huge difference in making your stream look professional and easy to watch.

Outdoor PA systems can be tricky. We had to make sure people in the back could hear over the cars that were parked in front of them by other guests. Also, unforeseen ambient noise from traffic, airplanes, construction and even wind can surprise you and really affect your PA system performance. In this case the school behind the stage benefited the PA system by acting as an orchestra shell would in a theater and reflected the sound out to the listeners. Very important also to get speaker system up high to clear the tops of vehicles nearest the stage.




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