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Case Study: MPH School

Posted by Bill Francis | Aug 20, 2020

The things that made this ceremony unique and a challenge were:

  • Distance from school
  • Guest speaker was in New York City
  • Local radio station tower and power lines caused interference with PA system
  • Everything had to be COVID compliant

We had to run a 300 foot ethernet cable to get wired network to our streaming location. Certain type of cable and signal handling had to be used for that.

On top of that, gust speaker had to give their keynote speech from New York City. But at the same time, local master of ceremonies and six other people had short speeches to give.

Incoming audio was then broadcast live the people on the athletic field in their cars. Because of radio and power line interference, great attention had to be paid to cable lengths and power supply.

RE: COVID – Rather than give every speaker their own wireless microphone, we saved client a lot of money by giving every speaker their own windscreen to put on the microphone as they got the podium. They would remove it when they were done speaking. This meant no one had to handle the same microphone.

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